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8090 Social Lounge(加拿大)代理商基本資訊問卷

(8090 Social Lounge Canada franchise application form)

感謝您喜愛8090 Social Lounge 之品牌形象、店面風格與產品,對於您詢問之品牌代理部分,請先協助填妥以下基本資訊,代資料建立後我司後續將會由相關人員與您接洽聯絡! 感謝您

First Name (名字)
Last Name (姓氏)

Contact Number (連絡電話)

Email (電郵)

Company (公司行號名稱)

Country / City (國家/城市)

Communicative language (可溝通語言)

Expected contract unit (預計簽約單位)

1. Is there any retail or catering services experience? (是否有任何零售或餐飲服務經驗?)

2. Is there customer service or management experience? (是否有顧客服務或管理經驗?)

3. Estimated number of stores? (預計開店數量?)

4. How did you hear about 8090 Social Lounge? (從何得知此品牌?)

5. Have you ever tasted the 8090 Social Lounge products? (是否有品嚐過8090 Social Lounge產品?)

6. Where did you taste 8090 Social Lounge products? (在何處品嘗到8090 Social Lounge產品?)

7. Did you have any particular thoughts on our brand? (對於此品牌的感想或心得?)

8. Please list the business locations of interest? (請列出感興趣的經營地點?(列舉1~3個))

Other Message (其他意見)

Contact Us

We are a second-generation family business established in 1972

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Our Address

17 Princess Road London, Greater London NW1 8JR, UK
Support (+800) 856 800 604

Opening Hours

  • Monday12-6 PM
  • Tuesday12-6 PM
  • Wednesday12-6 PM
  • Thursday12-6 PM
  • Friday12-6 PM
  • Saturday12-6 PM
  • SundayClosed


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